Marketplaces made easy with Markko. Sell or rent goods, exchange services, or a combination of both 

Platform Overview

Purpose-built specifically for marketplaces, Markko offers templated or customisable frontends via powerful APIs. Enjoy scalability, security, and dedicated support. Stay competitive with upgrades and seamless integrations. 

Headless Commerce

Effortlessly launch a marketplace frontend that is customised to your exact needs using our powerful APIs & SDK.

API First

Our powerful API removes the necessity for expensive, intricate integrations, allowing rapid connections with various third-party solutions.

Template or Custom UI

Launch fast with a branded template or completely customise the user experience with a custom UI design.

Scalable Cloud Native

Cloud-native applications allow for faster development, better scalability and maintainability.

Customisable & Flexible

We have taken a modular approach in building our platform allowing us to develop unique features for our clients if required (additional cost).

High Security Standards​

Our marketplace platform conforms with the highest security standards, with GDPR and PCI DSS compliance as standard.

Service Level Agreement

We offer a number of hosting, SLA and support services. With a dedicated technical support team and 24/7 monitoring.

Future Platform Upgrades

Benefit from regular enhancements to features and user experience, keeping your marketplace platform modern, user-friendly, and competitive.

Content Manager​

Extend functionality with third-party platforms integration (additional cost) across eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, and logistics.

Marketplace Setup

We’ve included all the core marketplace features you’d expect from a leading multi-vendor marketplace platform. If you require something that isn’t included out-the-box Markko can be customised with the ability to extend the platform to suite your marketplace needs.

Branded Template

Launch your MVP marketplace fast with a beautiful template, branded with your logo, colours and fonts.

Marketplace Type Setup​​

Setup your marketplace to sell physical goods, digital downloads, services or rentals with our versatile configurations.

Admin Dashboard​

The marketplace admin oversees the platform via their dashboard, with a full insight into vendors, customer, products and sales.

Stripe Connect Payments​

With Stripe integration we support 135+ currencies. Onboard vendors with in-built Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.

Multiple Language​

Setup any number of multiple languages and target customers with localised versions of the marketplace to match their region.

Commission Management

Flexible commission options to enable rates globally, per group, per vendor or by product category.

Custom Notifications​

Manage and customise all email notifications sending out from the platform with our advanced email manager.

In-platform Messaging​

The in-built messaging system allows all user types (admins, customers & vendors) to communicate with each other.

Content Manager

Create and manage SEO rich blog and knowledge-base content on your marketplace with our flexible CMS.

Vendor Features

Streamline onboarding, product management, and order fulfilment processes. Foster seamless communication, transparent reporting, and real-time analytics. Boost vendor success with powerful tools and an intuitive interface. 

Vendor Dashboard

The vendor dashboard offers a comprehensive view of inventory, order details, sales reports, top-selling products, revenue details, and more.

Customised Onboarding

Gather seller details, from basic to extensive, including custom fields (additional cost) with a built in vendor approval process.

Vendor Storefront​

Empower vendors with the ability to showcase their storefronts, providing a consolidated view of their complete catalogue

In-platform Messaging

Facilitate seamless communication between marketplace vendors and customers. allowing them engage in direct conversations.

Product Management

Effortlessly manage product content with a user-friendly interface, optimising images and organising product data.

Order Management

Vendors have full control over orders, invoices, credit, shipments, returns, and more through their streamlined dashboards.

Returns & Refunds

Manage returns with a conversational chat process that empowers vendors to process refunds efficiently and seamlessly.

Shipping & Fulfilment

Handle shipping fees with the flexibility to manage and customise shipping options according to vendors preferences.

Reports & Analytics​

Gain valuable insights, track performance, and make data-driven decisions for future product lines and pricing strategies.

Product Features

Empower vendors to easily manage their product catalog, amplify storefront visibility, and tailor offerings to provide a personalised shopping experience.

Product Types

Enable physical or digital product options enabling the appropriate fields and options to display within the product attributes.

Product Management

Manage your product content efficiently with a user friendly UX and tools to optimise and organise images and product data.

Category Management​

Craft intuitive category trees to guide your customers to products. Easily manage with user-friendly drag-and-drop controls.

Product Attributes

Create and manage unlimited attributes for your vendors by controlling and standardising the product options available.

Tags & Specifications​

Create tags to add custom categorisation to products. Use product specifications to create engaging product information for customers.

Track Inventory

Monitor inventory for each product or variant. Track stock levels and enable back-ordering by allowing negative stock values.

Ratings & Reviews

Promote customer engagement, build trust, and gain valuable insights, enhancing user satisfaction and marketplace reputation.

Discount Codes

Create seamless promotions with automatic checkout discounts. Offer discounts on order total, shipping, specific products, or categories.

Product Approval

Determine how products should appear on your marketplace. Automatically or through an approval and feedback process.