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Leverage the power of Markko to build your own P2P marketplace, echoing the success of P2P marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree, and Vinted.

Scalable P2P marketplaces with limitless possibilities

Become part of a growing community of P2P marketplace founders who have leveraged our feature-rich P2P marketplace platform.

Launch a P2P marketplace in days

Get started today with our easy-to-use platform, MVP methodology and cost effective SaaS pricing.

Unparalleled control and flexibility

Experience the freedom to adapt and customise your P2P marketplace to fit your businesses unique needs.

Scale quickly without re-platforming

Maximise growth with our P2P marketplace platform, engineered for seamless scalability and evolution.

Support from marketplace specialists

Benefit from the guidance of our experienced P2P marketplace team to drive your platform's success.

Curate unique experiences

User-centric P2P marketplace software designed with easy-to-use features and intuitive tools.

Seller Listing Management

Unleash the potential with our advanced listing management. From image optimisation to detailed product or service data organisation. Where every seller, whether a seasoned trader or a casual de-clutterer, can create detailed listings that speak to the buyer’s needs.

Order Management and Fulfilment

Take control of the entire order process with our comprehensive order management and fulfilment system. From order placement to delivery tracking and notifications, ensure a smooth and transparent process for both buyers and sellers.

Content Management System (CMS)

Empower your content strategy with our intuitive CMS. Benefit from built-in SEO tools that enhance your visibility in search engines, driving organic traffic and engagement. With tools designed for flexibility and efficiency to keep your audience engaged.

Custom User-Friendly Design

Prioritising simplicity without compromising on functionality. Our custom designs guide both buyers and sellers through every step. Whether you’re listing an item, searching for a desired product or service, or managing transactions, our user-centric interface ensures a hassle-free experience.

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Enhance usability and engagement

Embrace the future of P2P marketplaces with our tailored features focusing on user interactions and engagement.

Advanced Search and Filters

Allow your users to find exactly what they need with our advanced search and filter options. Whether it’s sorting by price, popularity, or specific attributes, our tools help to navigate extensive catalogs effortlessly and efficiently.

In-Platform Messaging

Facilitate direct communication between buyers and sellers with our in-platform messaging feature. Encourage collaboration, negotiation, and support, all within the secure confines of your P2P marketplace.

Ratings & Reviews

Empower buyers and sellers to share their thoughts through our integrated ratings and reviews system. Collect valuable feedback to build trust, enhance products, and cultivate a community.

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency

Cater to a global audience with support for multiple languages and currencies. Enabling customers to browse, shop, and transact in their preferred language and currency.

Purpose-built for
P2P marketplaces

Purpose-built specifically for P2P online marketplaces, you’ll gain access to a range of powerful and customisable tools and features.

Headless Commerce

Effortlessly launch a marketplace frontend that is customised to your exact needs using our powerful APIs & SDK.

API First

Our powerful API removes the need for expensive integrations, allowing rapid connections with various third-party solutions.


Launch fast with a branded template, or completely customise the user experience with a custom UI design.

Cloud Native

Our cloud-native application allows for faster development, better scalability and a maintainability

What marketplace founders are saying about Markko

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Some of the marketplaces supercharging their growth

Explore some of the best P2P marketplace platforms built on Markko and see how they are leveraging the platform to offer unique value to their customers. With advanced custom features, start-ups through to global enterprises use Markko to drive their growth and achieve long-term sustainability.


A marketplace for the indigenous people of North America


Machine and plant hire rental booking marketplace

Mobility Scooters

A new and used mobility scooter and accessories marketplace


An artist collaboration and hire marketplace

The all-in-one solution for marketplaces

P2P marketplace software designed to help businesses build and manage successful online marketplaces. Sell or rent goods, exchange services, or a combination of both – Markko can power all types of P2P marketplace.

Simplify P2P marketplace product sales

Create a global P2P marketplace for a variety of different industries, from fashion to electronics by embracing the power of Markko. Enable sellers to list their physical and digital products through a simple, user-friendly dashboard.

Connect service providers

Launch your own P2P eCommerce marketplace with ease. Markko’s platform allows you to connect service providers with customers across a range of industries. The intuitive dashboard lets providers list their services and manage bookings effortlessly.

Easy way to rent

Create your own P2P rental marketplace with Markko’s powerful platform. Whether you’re looking to rent out properties, vehicles, or equipment, Markko’s user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to list and manage rental inventory, and simplifies the process of managing rentals.

Hybrid B2B marketplace software solution

Markko’s versatile platform enables hybrid product and service P2P marketplaces. Whether you’re selling physical products, digital products, or services, our platform makes it easy to list and manage your inventory. Connecting vendors and service providers with customers in one place.

SaaS meets marketplace

Markko’s SaaS enabled platform empowers you to create a marketplace that adds real value to its users. Add integrations with existing software and infrastructure, or create your own custom modules that elevate your offering with Markko’s expert team.

Limitless possibilities

Create a fully custom marketplace with Markko’s flexible and customisable platform. You can design and build a marketplace that caters to your specific business needs. Our platform offers a range of features and integrations, as well as the ability to add custom features designed just for you.

Marketplaces made easy with markko

Essential marketplace features out of the box

Ready-made core P2P marketplace features straight out of the box.

Scalable & customisable

Ability to customise and scale your marketplace when it suits you. Tailoring the marketplace to meet the specific needs of your target audience.

Instant messaging

Seamless communication between buyers, sellers and admins.

Custom design or templated

Flexible design options to create unique experiences.

Multi language & currency

Reach global audiences and expand into new regions.

Vendor onboarding & compliance

Streamlined vendor onboarding, vendor management and compliance functionality.

Content management

Create, manage, and optimise content in one place.

With a proven route to launch

The approach to launching a P2P marketplace platform based on years of experience, industry best practices, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.


Gain a deep understanding of user needs and goals


User experience that aligns
with brand and culture


Develop a scalable,
high-performance marketplace


Implement a growth strategy to maximise success

Knowledge to support your journey

Thoughts on all things related to building, managing, and growing a successful online P2P marketplace. Our team of experts share their insights on topics ranging from marketing and customer acquisition to product management and payment solutions.

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Common questions about P2P marketplaces

A P2P marketplace platform facilitates the buying and selling of products and services between individual consumers. It acts as a centralised hub where individuals can offer and purchase goods and services from one another.

While P2P marketplaces cater to transactions between individual consumers, B2C marketplaces facilitate the buying and selling of products and services between businesses and individual consumers.

In P2P transactions, both the buyer and seller are typically private individuals, often dealing with used or personally crafted items. Conversely, B2C transactions involve businesses selling new or professionally refurbished products to individual consumers.

Essential features include user-friendly interface, personal product listings, direct messaging between buyers and sellers, customer reviews & ratings, secure payment gateways, search and filter options, mobile responsiveness and PWA’s, user-driven promotions & swaps, and community support features.

Many P2P marketplaces offer integrations with existing peer-to-peer platforms, messaging systems, and other utilities to provide a seamless trading experience. The integration capabilities depend on the platform’s features and the third-party solutions in place.

The cost of a P2P marketplace can vary widely based on factors like the platform’s features, level of customisation, and integrations required.

Marketplace costs typically consist of a set-up fee, a monthly subscription fee (including hosting and support), and a transaction fee (starting from when your platform transactions total over £30,000 per month).

Ensuring adherence to data protection laws, secure peer-to-peer payment processing, and maintaining an SSL certificate are fundamental for maintaining security and compliance in a P2P marketplace.

We offer customer support, technical assistance, and regular updates as part of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure smooth operation of your marketplace. We also offer retained hours packages to assist you with your development roadmap, and marketing services (SEO, PPC, CRO etc.) to support your growth goals.