Markko Labs: Empowering Non-Tech Founders to Build Successful Marketplaces

Markko is proud to announce the launch of Markko Labs, an innovative incubator programme designed to empower non-technical founders in launching and scaling successful online marketplaces.

Markko Labs addresses the unique challenges faced by aspiring marketplace entrepreneurs by offering a comprehensive suite of support services, including:

  • Significantly reduced launch and operational costs
  • Expert feedback and strategic guidance from industry veterans
  • Comprehensive technical and customer service support
  • Access to a network of specialised investors
  • A customisable platform for rapid iteration
  • Educational resources through the Markko Academy

With Markko Labs, the company aims to revolutionise the way marketplaces are built by removing technical and financial barriers that often prevent brilliant marketplace ideas from becoming reality. By providing the right tools, expertise, and support, Markko believes it can help a new generation of entrepreneurs succeed in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

The programme is now accepting applications from passionate entrepreneurs with innovative marketplace concepts. Successful applicants will benefit from Markko’s proven track record in nurturing thriving marketplaces, gaining access to a dedicated team of experts who will provide both technical support and strategic guidance.

Markko Labs is seeking founders who are committed to their vision and ready to invest in their success. With this programme, entrepreneurs will be able to launch their marketplaces more efficiently, adapt quickly to market demands, and focus on growing their business.

Interested entrepreneurs can apply through the website at Applicants should be prepared to invest a minimum of £5,000 for establishment costs, plus additional marketing funds as needed.

About Markko:

Markko is a London-based e-commerce solutions provider specialising in marketplace technology. With a focus on innovation and customer success, Markko is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and businesses in the digital marketplace ecosystem.